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"As a 30 plus year contractor and craftsman, I have always placed the highest value on the quality of my work.  I'm thoroughly impressed with the incredible quality of Elkhead Tools.  The combination of Elkhead's materials and craftmanship has resulted in hand tools of incredible balance, strength & appearance.  I have been pleasantly surprised when my customers take note of Elkhead tools....the ensuing conversation leads right to a discussion of quality, my favorite conversation.  Thanks Elkhead!"
Mike O.

Long Island, NY


"I recently received two Elkhead Tools screwdrivers for review. When I opened the box, I swear I thought I saw an angel emerge, along with the sounds of gleeful children singing and the smell of daffodils in the spring......The dense cocobolo gives the tool a perfect balance. And when I say perfect, I am not exaggerating! I had fun for a several minutes just balancing the tool with one finger at the thinnest point of the handle.....Probably no surprise that the tip was seated perfectly and it gave me confidence that the screw would not strip out."

Marc Spagnolo- The WoodWhisperer

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"I am blessed in my woodworking that I own a number of tools that make me smile just by picking them up. My Lie-Nielsen 5 1/2 jack plane and my Rob Cosman dovetail saw are two that come to mind. With the delivery of my set of 4 Robertson Screwdrivers from Elkhead tools, I now add all 4 of them, to the list of tools that make me smile just to pick them up. The balance and the fit and finish are perfect. The added weight of the Cocobolo handles gives them a feel unequaled in any of the screwdriver that I have owned and/or used.  Am I sounding a little passionate over something as utilitarian as a screwdriver? Yes, I am and I'm happy to be there. Anything that you do in life should bring some kind of satisfaction and hopefully, add a little intensity and passion.  The enjoyment using these screwdrivers for a task as basic as driving in a screw adds something to any project that I build. Are they expensive? Yup, they sure are. As a matter of fact, the set of 4 adds up to what I spend on drinking coffee (3-4 cups a day) over about a 6 week period. Are they worth the price? Yes they certainly are!"

Duncan S. Robertson- The Quiet Woodworker

Cochrane, Alberta


"The premium cocobolo handles are finely turned. The finish is smooth and with three sizes available the tool is sure to fit your hand. Your thumb seats into the cove that's just behind the flared edge above the ferrule...The fit is so exact that you almost hear a "pop" as you disengage the driver from a screw. If you place a screw on the tip then turn the screwdriver upright, the screw, with no magnetism involved, stays attached to the tip. Try that with your typical screwdriver......There's no way the handle gives out as it can on many lesser-grade screwdrivers...."

Glen D. Huey -Senior Editor, Popular Woodworking Magazine

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"I know that every time I use one of these, it makes me happy.  ‘Nuff said right?  Final verdict: these are rock star tools, perfect for the distinguishing guy who wants archaeologists 500 years from know to uncover his shop and say, wow this guy must have made some beautiful stuff, look at his screwdrivers!”

Shannon Rogers- The Rennaisance Woodworker

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"I pursue making fine tools on a daily basis and I know most of the people in the hand tool woodworking world that also produce products of a similar nature and quality so I’m not easily impressed. I now own a set of screw drivers with which I am very impressed....The Elkhead Tools drivers are an absolute pleasure and quite frankly every time I hold one in my hand I marvel at how they nestle in my palm and the feel of the cocobolo handles is just so enjoyable that I believe I unconsciously smile every time I pick one up."

Ron Brese-Brese Plane

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