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About Us


Elkhead Tools was formed by 3 hobbyist woodworkers, all with a shared passion for fine woodworking and quality tools.  As tool fanatics ourselves, we feel a quality tool should work well and look good.  It is satisfying to see classic tools still in use today, and our goal is to produce tools that can be handed down for generations.


Our facilities are located just outside Denver, Colorado.  We use the best materials available, including brass, stainless and tool steel, natural wood, elk leather, and even high quality copolomer plastics.  Each material is chosen for its accuracy, stability, and physical appearance.  Whenever possible, we strive to blend timeless good looks with modern precision and function.  Our products are made with methods ranging from hand shaping to modern CNC machining, and all are assembled, adjusted, and finished by hand.  We run relatively small batches of each tool, therefore we can make changes and future improvements.  We welcome your input and will strive to refine our products over time.


Living in Colorado, we all enjoy the many available outdoor activites, but one of us is never far from our computers or at least a smartphone.  If you have any questions, feel free to email us at elkheadtools@earthlink.net