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After 14 years of striving to make the highest quality classic wood tools, we are wrapping up operations and are no longer taking new orders.  All of our remaining handles for Knew Concepts saws have been sent to Knew Concepts and they should be available while supplies last on their website at www.knewconcepts.com.  

We have truly enjoyed getting to meet and spend time with all of our customers and colleagues in the hand tool world.

Thank you for your support,

Gary Benson and Dave Lindeman




We are still humbled by what others have said about Elkhead Tools.


"The Elkhead screwdrivers are, as you might expect, pure awesomeness...I have to give the folks at Elkhead Tools a huge congratulations for making the most finely-crafted screwdriver ever to be grasped by these grubby mitts!" - Marc Spagnolo, The WoodWhisperer


"The Ferrari of Screwdrivers" -Glen D. Huey, Senior Editor, Popular Woodworking Magazine


"If you're a collector, a period furniture specialist or a hand tool woodworker who places priority on the look, feel and performance of every tool you purchase, your expectation of a "good" screwdriver might prompt a different answer to the question. A screwdriver may carry the same value as a premium plane, chisel or fret saw in your tool chest. If you're in the latter group, you're exactly the customer for whom Elkhead Tools is building premium screwdrivers, one small batch at a time." -Chris Marshall, Woodworkers Journal Ezine