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As certified tool junkies, we have many favorites.  The list below contains some of our sources for tools, woodworking supplies, and instructional information.


Rob Cosman

Source of everything dovetails.  Great videos and specialized tools.


Craftsman Studio

Supplier of numerous lines of hand tools.  Great prices, shipping, and customer service.


Lie Nielsen

In our opinion, they have led the current return of classic hand tools.  Believe me,

we have spent lots of money with them.


Brese Plane

Ron Brese makes the finest infill style planes.  Be warned of the obsession that may develop from using one.


Blue Spruce Toolworks

Makers of the finest dovetail chisels and outstanding layout tools.


Adria Saws

Makers of excellent dovetail and tenon saws.  Another addiction, I admit.


Wenzloff and Sons

Maker of too many custom hand saws to even list.  One of their cross cut panel saws recently replaced my compound miter saw for breaking down rough lumber.


Glen-Drake Tools

Maker of the best marking gauges and innovative hammers and saws.


Sawmill Creek

Home of the best woodworking forums on the internet.  Great source of information and friends.


The Wood Whisperer

Marc started out with a simple blog and podcast.  Since then, his site has grown to a full service interactive online community. 


Matt's Basement Workshop

Another of the top online sources of woodworking information and instruction.  Matt seems to have way too much fun with anything to do with working wood.



Yet another welcoming online community with lots of skilled craftsman, all willing to help out.


Popular Woodworking Magazine

We like the magazine as well as several of the blogs they host from their site.