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Saw Handles



We now manufacture replacement handles for several saws.  Our handles made to fit the Knew Concepts fret saws have precision milled ferrules designed for an exact fit with all the Knew Concepts fret saws (with a frame thickness of about 1/8").  A vertical slot engages the frame to prevent rotation, and two set screws provide additional security and stability. The handles are turned and finished in mesquite for outstanding beauty, with a comfortable grip and feel.  They are made in 2 sizes depending on your sawing preference and hand size.  The medium is about 4 inches long, large is about 4 1/2, both available only in mesquite.  They closely match the size and shape of our popular screwdriver handles.  See our downloads page for instructions on removal and replacement on your Knew Concepts saw. 


Our universal fret saw replacement handle is made to fit a wide range of standard jewelers fret saws.  The ferrule is milled from solid brass with 2 stainless steel set screws.  The handle is custom turned and finished for a good feel in the hand and nice weight balance when sawing.  The handle is about 4 inches long and has the same contour and profile as our medium screwdrivers.  Depending on the shape of the tang on your saw, a small bit of epoxy putty in the bottom of the drilled hole will make for a secure fit.  These handles could also be used for files, rasps, a drill bit, or a tap for chasing threads.  The hole is just over 1/4 inch in diameter, so anything with a tang in that range should fit.  We are offering a limited number of 3 inch fret saws with our handle pre-installed, or if you already have a fret saw, just order the replacement handle.  Both the replacement handle and the handle/saw combo are available in mesquite.


Our newest handle is a redesign of our Knew Concepts fret saw handle upsized to fit the  Knew Concepts Coping saw and the latest Knew Concepts Mark IV Heavy Duty Hand Saw (which both have a frame thickness of about 3/16").  It is the same size as our large fret saw handle and our large screwdrivers, but is heavier than the fret saw handle to balance the extra weight of the thicker saw frames and hardware.  All are made from domestic Mesquite for improved comfort, balance and beauty of already outstanding saw designs.  Note: Our Fret Saw handles fit the original Fret Saws with a frame thickness of 1/8", a different handle is required for the Coping Saw and the Mark IV Saw with a frame thickness of closer to 3/16".  Please be sure which saw you have, and which handle you are ordering.