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Classic Screwdrivers


Even the best screwdrivers on the market today leave us unsatisfied with their rubber, plastic and poorly contoured handles.  Elkhead Tools Classic Screwdrivers epitomize our motto of classic design with modern precision.  They truly look as good as they work.  Our blades are made from the highest quality tool steel, precisely machined for outstanding fit, grip, and longevity.  Our handles are custom turned for optimum comfort and size from premium Mesquite.  Unlike all previously produced wood handle screwdrivers, our blades are permanently locked into the handle via our uniquely designed brass ferrule system.  They are built for generations of superior service.  We currently offer 3 sizes of flat blade, 3 sizes of phillips, and 4 sizes of square drive.  If enough requests are made, additional sizes or drive styles may be added.  They are available individually or in sets.  Mesquite varies in grain, figure, and color, but generally is a rich brown that tends to darken over time.  Handles ordered together will be matched as closely as possible, but future orders may differ significantly.  Each set is custom made to order, remember to allow 3-8 weeks for careful fabrication, assembly, and delivery.  We are currently out of stock of small handles.  Send us an email for availabilty of sets and prices.